when baekhyun desperately tries to make horror soo happen


You broke me to fix yourself.
-six word story  (via whitenes-s)

can we take a look at this video?

this was broadcasted today. and look at them. the tired look on their faces. the exo who always show us their full potential on stage and their cheerful vibe backstage, look at their faces, how sad they are. because exo is going through what we are right now too. please don’t lose hope, we are one, right? 

Baekhyun sister

why is his hands so pretty?


brb crying an ocean


Baekhyun sister

reblog everything Baekhyun

You know who I’m proud of? Baekhyun that’s who. With everything that is going on, he’s still showing that he is with Kris, not against him. Every other member that has an Instagram were forced to unfollow Kris to show that *coughcoughSMdidthiscoughcough* the members are saying Kris betrayed them. Honestly no one knows what is going on but I hope and pray that whatever happens, it’s for the best for Kris.

the picture is like a son hugging his dad..

Janiben new OP - Ohkura ver.  「ムチャぶり」

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